Stop The Press: 10 Common Electronic Cigarette Myths Exposed

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You’ve probably seen or heard many reports that have attempted to discredit the excellent reputation that e-cigs are starting to generate. Unfortunately, it’s a sad but true fact of life that naysayers will always fight to have their voice heard the loudest. This fact is as true today as it has ever been.

So to help you make the distinction between fact and fiction in the world of vaping, here is a list of the top 10 common myths about electronic cigarettes.

Myth #1: E-cigs are bad for you because nicotine is bad for you

Yes, nicotine is highly addictive. But there have been a huge number of studies that reveal the adverse effects of nicotine on the body are minimal. In fact, the reason that cigarettes are bad for you is because they contain tobacco, which creates a huge number of toxic chemicals when burned. The truth, therefore, is that e-cigs are actually better for you because they provide nicotine without the need for tobacco.

Myth #2: Electronic cigarettes are likely to blow up in your face

There have been numerous reports in the media surrounding electronic cigarettes blowing up. However, unless you use them incorrectly, electronic cigarettes remain extremely unlikely to explode. For this reason, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your electronic cigarette, and only use chargers that are supplied with your device.

Myth # 3: Electronic cigarettes are more expensive than traditional cigarettes

In all honesty, we’re not even sure how this myth came to be. You don’t need to be Einstein or even Alan Turing to do the maths required to debunk this myth. Okay, buying an electronic starter kit is slightly more expensive than buying a packet of your favourite fags.

Yet the refills – which contain the equivalent nicotine found in 20 cigarettes – are massively cheaper than a pack of traditional cigarettes. In actual fact, the difference is so vast, we were inspired to write a post explaining just how much money you could save by switching to electronic cigarettes.

Myth #4: No one knows what’s in e-cigs, which makes them dangerous

This just isn’t the case. Although they’re not required to by law, every reputable electronic cigarette company makes a point of disclosing every ingredient they use to make their e-liquids. Therefore, if you take the time to read the label before vaping, you will definitely know what you’re inhaling. For the record, our e-liquid is made of vegetable glycerine, liquid nicotine and FSA approved food ingredients for the flavours.

Myth #5: E-cig vapour is as harmful as second-hand tobacco smoke

Everyone will be aware of the inherent evils of second-hand tobacco smoke. Heck, it was the main reason that the government introduced a smoking ban across the UK in 2007. Yet the assertion that e-cig vapour is as bad for you as tobacco smoke is entirely false.  In fact, this scientific study into the subject concluded that electronic cigarettes produce very little exposure to toxic chemicals in relation to traditional cigarettes.

Myth #6: E-liquid contains or is made out of anti-freeze

Of all the myths on the list, arguably, this one is the most common. It’s also one of the hardest to believe, surely? Ask yourself: why on earth would a company run the risk of facing a lawsuit by adding such a potentially dangerous component to their e-liquids?  The answer, of course, is that they wouldn’t. In fact, the vast majority of e-cig companies take immense pride in their products and would not wish to compromise their reputation in this manner.

Myth #7: Some e-cigarette flavours are marketed towards teenagers and children

For some, the fact that some electronic cigarette companies manufacture exciting flavours and enticing packaging means that they are targeting teenagers and children. However, you would be surprised how many adults out there enjoy vaping fruity flavours.  Plus, many smokers don’t enjoy the actual taste of traditional cigarettes. So the chance to enjoy a nicotine hit, with the lingering taste of apple, for example, is a more than appealing prospect.

Myth #8:  Electronic cigarettes are a ‘gateway’ to tobacco smoking

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) conducted a report which revealed that only 0.14% of non-smokers use electronic cigarettes, while 11.8% of smokers and 4.8% of ex-smokers do use e-cigs. This suggests that e-cigs are used almost exclusively by smokers and ex-smokers, not children and teenagers looking for a gateway into nicotine usage.

Myth #9: E-cigs are bulky and difficult to use 

You’ve probably been out in public and seen someone using an electronic cigarette that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest Spielberg science-fiction film. This may have given you the impression that all e-cigs are bulky and difficult to use. However, electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, and our device, the iCig, is one of the sleekest and easiest to use products on the market.

Myth #10: You will quickly revert to smoking traditional cigarettes

Many of our customers who have been smoking for decades have found the iCig to be the ideal alternative to smoking tobacco. We also supply refill cartridges in a variety of strengths. Therefore you will be in no danger of going back to traditional cigarettes because you are not getting the required amount of nicotine your body craves.  For this reason, very few of our customers who make the switch revert back to smoking traditional cigarettes quickly.

To make the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs as simple as possible, our electronic starter kits include everything you’ll need to start vaping straight away. However, if you need more information before committing to the switch, take a look at our guide: Everything a Beginner Needs To Know About Electronic Cigarettes.

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